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Beemans Chewing Gum: The Aviators Gum of Choice

History: Beemans gum, invented by Ohio physician Dr. Edward E. Beeman in the late 19th century. Beeman originally marketed the gum, which is made of pepsin powder and chicle, as an aid to digestion. It became a part of the American Chicle Company in 1898, and continued on after the purchase of American Chicle by Warner-Lambert in 1962. Production ceased in 1978 due to lagging sales. In 1985, as part of a nostalgia campaign, it [Click for full post…]


History: Jujyfuits were first produced in 1920 by The Heide Company, created 1889 by German immigrant Hennery Heide. The Heide Company has changed hands numerous times, Hershey the most famous of the owners recently sold it to Farley’s and Sathers Company (owners of Bob’s, Brach’s, Chuckle’s, Now & Later, Fruit Stripe (gum), and several others). Jujyfruits while still under Heide ownership in the 1970’s ran a promotion where if you cut out the information card on the back [Click for full post…]

Zots: Confection History & How it’s Made

History: ZotZ is America’s favorite fizzy candy. Originating in 1968, and were manufactured by G.B. Ambrosoil SPA out of Ronago Italy (several years before Pop Rocks®). This company was obsorbed by the mother company, and ZotZ are still in production today. Inside the candy shell of a ZotZ is a sour powder, comprising of malic and tartaric acids that are mixed with sodium bicarbonate. When the powder dissolves, the acids and sodium bicarbonate react with [Click for full post…]