Monthly Archives: September 2014

Nostalgic Candies, We’ve Got ‘Em!

Yesterday MSN Living published an article featuring 25 nostalgic candies you and your kids love. As we were looking through them we couldn’t help but chuckle because we’ve got them all! In fact some we have more than just the basic candy, we’ve got some twists. 1. Candy Necklace. Well we wouldn’t be a very good candy store if we didn’t have this now would we. But in fact we have 5 different candy necklaces. [Click for full post…]

Pop Shoppe Is Back!

In the world of candy things are constantly changing. Old favorites are discontinued or given a twist and some are resurrected. Necco has released a new set of wafers. Tropical Necco Wafers! Featuring 6 new flavors: Coconut, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Lime, Banana, and Mango. Tropical flavors have been a real big hit the last few years and no surprise these new Necco Wafers are amazing. If you would like to order some from us Click [Click for full post…]

The Buzz Can Help You Study!

How, you may ask does a candy store help one study now that school is back in session? Well the answer is simple really. SUGAR! If you are having a hard time finishing some assigned reading, eat some candy or chocolate. Sugar tends to give people enough energy to power through to the end of an assignment. I know in my college days the fudge here at The Buzz on Broadway helped me pull an all [Click for full post…]