Monthly Archives: October 2014

Candy Wrapper Crafts

So you’ve eaten the candy and have wrappers left over. Don’t be so quick to throw them away. We’ve got a few ways you can repurpose those wrappers. A very simple creation that kids love to work on is the starburst bracelet. At Fluffyland they have a tutorial to teach you step by step how to make this colorful little accessory. Another easy little craft to do with your candy wrappers are to use them [Click for full post…]

LEGO Birthday Party!

So this Tuesday a customer came in to The Buzz looking for Candy Blox. Most people call them LEGO candy but because they aren’t actually licensed by LEGO it’s just Candy Blox to us. We were happy to show her all our options for getting Candy Blox and as we were showing her she explained that she was having a LEGO birthday party for a 5 year old. After a little bit of searching the internet [Click for full post…]

Crispy M&M’s are BACK!!!

After ten years America is FINALLY getting the Crispy M&M back. Mars has announced that after many phone calls, pleas, and petitions they will be re-launching the crispy M&M to America. The Crispy M&M was originally released as a limited edition M&M in 1998 and taken off the market in 2004. It will be available in stores again January of 2015. Thank goodness, now no one has to smuggle M&M’s into America anymore! If you’ve never [Click for full post…]