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Jolt Of Energy

You ever wish that you could save this planet? That you could do something that would change this world for the better? Well two young men who go by the names of Kevin and T felt the exact same way. Their idea however was not as straight forward as say being exposed to radiation and becoming a superhero or finding the cure to cancer. Kevin and T thought more outside the box. They thought, all these [Click for full post…]

Our Famous Fudge

Here at The Buzz we have lots of delicious treats made right here in the store. We are known for our Chocolate Dipped Bacon and Chocolate Dipped Twinkie with Bacon on top. Our Caramel Apples are very well known and one of our best sellers is our Fudge. Our Fudge is so good, it even loves itself. Fudge is such a great treat for the Holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, it is always a big hit. [Click for full post…]

Squeeze Pop No More

Sad news for the kids of the 90’s, Squeeze Pop is being discontinued. If you’ve never had a Squeeze Pop it is a fruit flavored lollipop in liquid form. Squeeze Pop came in three flavors Watermelon, Cherry, and Blue Raspberry. Originally released in the 80’s, Squeeze Pop really became a big hit for kids in the 90’s. Squeeze Pop was especially fun around Halloween as they would release the limited edition Spooky Squeeze Pops. The [Click for full post…]

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