Monthly Archives: January 2015

Kinder Chocolate Bar


Many chocolate lovers are familiar with Kinder. A chocolate product that was created in Frankfurt Germany by the Ferrero chocolate company. It was made to be sold on the german market but eventually took off to other countries and is now a very well known and sought after product. The most well known product is the Kinder Egg, a chocolate egg with a fun toy inside. Unfortunately due to the choking hazard the Kinder Egg [Click for full post…]

Introducing: Ginger Ale Jelly Belly


We’ve just gotten Jelly Belly’s new addition to the Jewel Collection, Ginger Ale. A visually stunning jelly bean that has such amazing ginger flavor. Sweet, and perfectly gingered with a hint of spice. These can also be paired with other jelly beans to make combination flavors. 1 Cranberry + 1 Lemon + 1 Ginger Ale = Pink Bubbly Punch 1 Crushed Pineapple + 1 Ginger Ale = Pineapple Tiki Cooler 1 Strawberry Jam + 1 [Click for full post…]

Barrels Of Yum-Dill Pickle


Dill Pickle candy seems like an odd concept, we know, but these little Barrels Of Yum are packed with amazing dill pickle flavor. We have Pickle flavored gum and mints as well but nothing with such clear and bold flavor as these hard candies. Jelly Belly creator David Klein is the driving force behind these hard candies and you’ve ever had Jelly Belly you know how spot on the flavor is. These Dill Pickle barrels [Click for full post…]