Monthly Archives: February 2015

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We are introducing our hashtag #TheBuzzCandy. We would love for anyone who takes a picture in the store to use the hashtag so that we can better see all the fun pictures our customers post. We would love to start photo contests to give some tasty treats away. Also if you would like to join our newsletter you can text “TheBuzzCandy” to 22828 -The Buzz Crew

Lime Ricky Pop Shoppe


As some may know Pop Shoppe made a come back after a huge 20 year hiatus. Since then we’ve been asked over and over about their Lime Ricky soda. Well good news soda enthusiasts, this week we were delivered a few cases! Lime Ricky is Lime flavored just as the name suggests. Not an overpowering lime but the perfect amount to be really quite refreshing. It is the perfect soda for a warm summer day [Click for full post…]

Featured Fudge


Jelly Donut! Here at The Buzz one of our biggest sellers is our famous fudge. We make all your favorites from your childhood like Chocolate Walnut and Rocky Road. We also like to make some not so conventional flavors like Creamsicle or Caramel Apple. We offer free samples to everyone who comes to our store and many are shocked to discover that Creamsicle is delicious and creamy and exactly how the ice cream would taste. [Click for full post…]

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