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In a world full of hundreds, if not thousands of chocolate bars, how does one set itself apart? Simple, make a romantic statement. We all know that when February rolls around we rush to the stores to buy chocolate for our loved ones. Chocolove allows for you to make that romantic statement all year round. Timothy Moley is the founder, owner, and chocolatier of Chocolove. Timothy spent two years traveling all over the world and while [Click for full post…]

Satellite Wafers


There isn’t much history on the creation of Satellite Wafers. They are made in Belgium and there are supposedly two different companies who make them. Gerrits and Astra Sweets which took over the original company who made Satellite Wafers. If you’ve never had a Satellite Wafer it is an interesting experience. This candy is shaped like a UFO which gives it the nickname often heard, “Flying Saucers”. The outside is made of a paper like [Click for full post…]

Spicy Chocolate


Tabasco Chocolate. Just let that sink in for a second. Do you or someone you know love to try spicy things? We’ve got a couple products just for you then. Tabasco Chocolate This chocolate has Tabasco brand dry red pepper added to a deliciously smooth dark chocolate to give it some nice tingle. It’s not so spicy that it hurts and most people could probably handle the spice with some milk or water. The spicy and the sweet [Click for full post…]