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Way back in 2002 when we opened our tiny store, our candies were in big barrels. Taffy was the main attraction, and we shopped for the very best quality we could find. Our taffy is whipped instead of pulled, so it’s easier to eat!  And the flavor is outstanding!

When our customers started to ask about different candies from their childhood, the challenge was on to find sources for those products. Having grown up in a mom and pop Grocery store in Yakima, Steve was very familiar with the old time treats. We found great old time candy bars like Abba Zabba and Rocky Road. Carolyn had worked for a large candy company in Portland, Oregon and she still had quite a few contacts in the candy world. Then, other folks were reminiscing about some of the great candies they had enjoyed in England. And voila…we started stocking Flake and Aero bars.  So really, it‘s thanks to our great customers
that we have such a fabulous selection of candy treats at The Buzz.

It wasn’t long before we were bursting at the seams in our tiny retail space! Four years to the day that we opened our store on May 18, 2002, we moved across the street to a brand spanking new retail space!  A whole lot of planning went into that and the result was a very colorful, brightly lit space, once again filled to the brim with exciting candies!  Our motto is “If you can’t eat it, we don’t sell it”. Walking through our door is like walking into a candy time machine!  The memories of childhood treats and stories connected to great times are discussed.  Over and over we hear “Oh I haven’t seen these since I was a kid!”

The Buzz store features 200 candy bins full of wrapped candies including licorice, hard candies, taffy and other favorites. There are scoop bins that contain mostly unwrapped candies along with our great selection of licorice! A huge section of wall is consumed by Jelly Belly Gourmet Jelly Beans and there are rows and rows of novelty candies, peg bags, candy bars and even caramel corn!

Part of the old time feel is found in the great selection of old time soda pop! Remember Pop Shoppe? We feature 8 flavors!  Our soda selection is in glass bottles and refrigerated in our big ol’ coolers. (Available in store only)

We also have 18 feet of chocolate counter filled with luscious chocolates and nearly 50 flavors of truffles. Our Truffles are not your standard Truffle. These are huge two or three bit Truffles. The centers are creamy and the flavors are true to their names, YUM!!!!

So stop in to our store or just shop till you drop in your easy chair for the candy you love online.



The Buzz Crew

Steve & Carolyn

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