In a world full of hundreds, if not thousands of chocolate bars, how does one set itself apart? Simple, make a romantic statement. We all know that when February rolls around we rush to the stores to buy chocolate for our loved ones. Chocolove allows for you to make that romantic statement all year round.


Timothy Moley is the founder, owner, and chocolatier of Chocolove. Timothy spent two years traveling all over the world and while chewing some cocoa beans in a field in Indonesia he was hit with the idea to pair a premium quality chocolate bar with romance. After a lot of consumer research in the U.S. Timothy settled on the perfect concept. ” Chocolove was born. The idea was simple – a selection of distinctly flavored chocolate bars made with all-natural ingredients and the classic techniques of Europe’s finest chocolatiers. The package design would resemble a love letter sent from a distant land, and inside each wrapper – a classic romantic poem. The cocoa content would be clearly indicated on the front of each wrapper, the tasting notes would be simple and approachable, and the price, affordable.”



So each bar of Chocolove chocolate looks like a letter that has gone through the mail. Inside of the wrapper is a classic love poem, some by Shakespear, some by other well known poets, and some poets you wouldn’t recognize but the message is always the same, Love. Here at The Buzz we have 15 different flavors of Chocolove. Check them out . Chocolove is a great thing to send to a loved one who is too far away.


-The Buzz Crew

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