Shark Week!

Alright so Shark Week is coming to an end this Sunday and now your kid/kids are excited about sharks. Here are some fun ways to include sharks into a meal or a party! You will find all of our gummy candy



Just by taking some of our assorted gummy sharks and maybe some of our swedish fish or gummy octopus’ you have a fun little skewer they could have for dessert. Would make a great snack at a party as well!



Now this recipe calls for lemon-lime soda with food coloring but really any drink that is blue will do! Just add some ice and gummy sharks and your kids will be ready to take a bite out of this drink.



Jello snacks have always been popular for kids and adults alike. This time we are taking it into the deep blue sea. Use some blue jello of your choice and add some gummy sharks in just before you let them set. Hint: The lighter the jello you get, the more likely you are to see the sharks. Either way this one is a hit.

We have plenty of gummies for you to make a wonderful themed celebration. Gummy bears, gummy dolphins, we even have gummy army men!

If you’d like to see all that we’ve got just

-The Buzz Crew

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