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Shark Week!

Alright so Shark Week is coming to an end this Sunday and now your kid/kids are excited about sharks. Here are some fun ways to include sharks into a meal or a party! You will find all of our gummy candy Here. 1. Gummy Shark Skewers Just by taking some of our assorted gummy sharks and maybe some of our swedish fish or gummy octopus’ you have a fun little skewer they could have for [Click for full post…]



In a world full of hundreds, if not thousands of chocolate bars, how does one set itself apart? Simple, make a romantic statement. We all know that when February rolls around we rush to the stores to buy chocolate for our loved ones. Chocolove allows for you to make that romantic statement all year round. Timothy Moley is the founder, owner, and chocolatier of Chocolove.¬†Timothy spent two years traveling all over the world and while [Click for full post…]

Fun With S’mores


Today is Memorial Day in America and like lots of people around the country you might be celebrating with barbecues and camping and bonfires. Here in Seaside we are no strangers to bonfires on the beach. While we cant help you roast the perfect hot dog or grill the perfect burger, here at The Buzz we can help you with one bonfire staple, S’mores! Whether you like your marshmallow burnt or lightly toasted one thing [Click for full post…]

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