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If you have ever used alka-seltzer you have a general idea of what this retro drink tablet does. This fizzy drink arrived on the scene in 1956 in Baltimore, Maryland. It was created by the Emerson Drug Company where scientists began trying to make a fizzy fruit drink. Of course they succeeded and that same year Emerson merged with another drug company that took Fizzies national. As with most retro candy there was a bit [Click for full post…]

Satellite Wafers


There isn’t much history on the creation of Satellite Wafers. They are made in Belgium and there are supposedly two different companies who make them. Gerrits and Astra Sweets which took over the original company who made Satellite Wafers. If you’ve never had a Satellite Wafer it is an interesting experience. This candy is shaped like a UFO which gives it the nickname often heard, “Flying Saucers”. The outside is made of a paper like [Click for full post…]

Mystery Smarties


One of the new additions to the store is this Mystery Smarties Mega Roll. This roll of Smarties looks like any other but hides any and all flavor possibilities. Each tablet seems very normal, however yellow does not always mean lemon, purple is not always grape. The Mystery Smarties roll combines Original, Tropical, and X-treme Sour flavors and mixes up the colors as well. You could get a blue tablet that is actually X-Treme Sour [Click for full post…]

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