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If you have ever used alka-seltzer you have a general idea of what this retro drink tablet does. This fizzy drink arrived on the scene in 1956 in Baltimore, Maryland. It was created by the Emerson Drug Company where scientists began trying to make a fizzy fruit drink. Of course they succeeded and that same year Emerson merged with another drug company that took Fizzies national. As with most retro candy there was a bit [Click for full post…]

Lime Ricky Pop Shoppe


As some may know Pop Shoppe made a come back after a huge 20 year hiatus. Since then we’ve been asked over and over about their Lime Ricky soda. Well good news soda enthusiasts, this week we were delivered a few cases! Lime Ricky is Lime flavored just as the name suggests. Not an overpowering lime but the perfect amount to be really quite refreshing. It is the perfect soda for a warm summer day [Click for full post…]

Pop Shoppe Is Back!

In the world of candy things are constantly changing. Old favorites are discontinued or given a twist and some are resurrected. Necco has released a new set of wafers. Tropical Necco Wafers! Featuring 6 new flavors: Coconut, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Lime, Banana, and Mango. Tropical flavors have been a real big hit the last few years and no surprise these new Necco Wafers are amazing. If you would like to order some from us Click [Click for full post…]