1. Is your fudge made in store?

In fact it is. All of our fudge is made on site. This has been probably our most popular fudge video. We have plenty more on our YouTube page.

2. Are your products Gluten or Nut free?

We would love to say yes but we cannot guarantee that anything in our store is gluten or nut free. It is likely that all products have come into contact with other products that have gluten or nuts.

Our Taffy IS made in a certified Nut and Gluten free factory. As long as you are getting Taffy Town taffy with the red writing on the wrapper then it is Gluten and Nut free.

3. What is seafoam?

Seafoam is an airy, crispy, crunchy sugar candy covered in chocolate. We have 6 different kinds available.

4. Where are your chocolates made?

Our gourmet chocolates are made to our specifications by local chocolatiers.

5. Where is your taffy made?

Some of our taffy is made locally in Oregon. Most of it however is made by Taffy Town. We believe this taffy is the best in the country as it is whipped rather than pulled. It’s much softer and more flavorful than pulled taffy.

6. How many pieces of taffy are in a pound?

Approximately 60 pieces of taffy go into a pound.

7. Do you have any BlackJack or Clove gum?

Unfortunantly they have stopped making BlackJack, Clove, and Beeman’s. They have also stopped making Sen-Sen but we have an alternative called Potter’s.

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