Fun With S’mores


Today is Memorial Day in America and like lots of people around the country you might be celebrating with barbecues and camping and bonfires. Here in Seaside we are no strangers to bonfires on the beach. While we cant help you roast the perfect hot dog or grill the perfect burger, here at The Buzz we can help you with one bonfire staple, S’mores! Whether you like your marshmallow burnt or lightly toasted one thing [Click for full post…]

National Taffy Day!


That’s right Candy has holidays! Today, May 23rd, we can all take a moment to appreciate Taffy. Salt Water Taffy, Laffy Taffy, Original Taffy. All kinds. So where did taffy come from? And is it really made with Salt Water? As with most older candies it is hard to pin down the real origins of things. There are two stories both centered around one candy store in Atlantic City in the 1880’s. A store owned by [Click for full post…]

Mystery Smarties


One of the new additions to the store is this Mystery Smarties Mega Roll. This roll of Smarties looks like any other but hides any and all flavor possibilities. Each tablet seems very normal, however yellow does not always mean lemon, purple is not always grape. The Mystery Smarties roll combines Original, Tropical, and X-treme Sour flavors and mixes up the colors as well. You could get a blue tablet that is actually X-Treme Sour [Click for full post…]