If you have ever used alka-seltzer you have a general idea of what this retro drink tablet does. This fizzy drink arrived on the scene in 1956 in Baltimore, Maryland. It was created by the Emerson Drug Company where scientists began trying to make a fizzy fruit drink. Of course they succeeded and that same year Emerson merged with another drug company that took Fizzies national.


As with most retro candy there was a bit of a hiccup. In 1968 the FDA banned the sweetener that Fizzies was using and Fizzies had to stop production completely. The remaining supply was sold for the next 2 years but that was the end. Then in 1995 a new owner of Fizzies contacted a specialist to reformulate Fizzies using aspartame. The specialist succeeded and for a year Fizzies were available again until the company that owned Fizzies went out of business.


Yes, that’s correct, two hiccups. However the CEO of the manufacturing company decided he needed Fizzies so he bought the trademark and rights and started right back at it. Only now it is made with sucralose and has vitamin C making it healthier while tasting exactly the same.

Check out this video of the tablet in action.

We have 7 different kinds of Fizzies.

-The Buzz Crew

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