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In a world full of hundreds, if not thousands of chocolate bars, how does one set itself apart? Simple, make a romantic statement. We all know that when February rolls around we rush to the stores to buy chocolate for our loved ones. Chocolove allows for you to make that romantic statement all year round. Timothy Moley is the founder, owner, and chocolatier of Chocolove.¬†Timothy spent two years traveling all over the world and while [Click for full post…]

Forever Yours

Sometimes in the candy world, what we think has disappeared has actually just been given a makeover. In this case the Forever Yours candy bar by Mars. We are all very familiar with the Milky Way. A chocolate, caramel, and nougat candy bar that was introduced by Mars in 1923. Back then it also had a brother. The Vanilla Milky Way featured above that had vanilla nougat and dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate. In [Click for full post…]