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Spring Break Photo Contest

This spring break season we are holding a Photo Contest. Starting today March 14th you may go to our Facebook page and post a photo of you in our store having a blast, with or without some candy, to our contest status. It will be the first status on our page pinned to the top. You may ALSO enter via Instagram by posting a picture and using the hashtag #TheBuzzCandy . Contest ends April 18th [Click for full post…]

Crispy M&M’s are BACK!!!

After ten years America is FINALLY getting the Crispy M&M back. Mars has announced that after many phone calls, pleas, and petitions they will be re-launching the crispy M&M to America. The Crispy M&M was originally released as a limited edition M&M in 1998 and taken off the market in 2004. It will be available in stores again January of 2015. Thank goodness, now no one has to smuggle M&M’s into America anymore! If you’ve never [Click for full post…]

Candy Bars : Mars Spotlight


This is a short over view and timeline of Mars Candy. 1911 Frank C. Mars starts making and selling butter cream candy from his kitchen in Tacoma, Washington, USA. 1920 Frank C. Mars moves to larger quarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where again he starts in the basket candies business.  Called the ‘Nougat House’, the candy produced during this period is named ‘Patricia Chocolates’ after Frank and Ethel V’s daughter. 1923 In September 1923, after three [Click for full post…]