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If you have ever used alka-seltzer you have a general idea of what this retro drink tablet does. This fizzy drink arrived on the scene in 1956 in Baltimore, Maryland. It was created by the Emerson Drug Company where scientists began trying to make a fizzy fruit drink. Of course they succeeded and that same year Emerson merged with another drug company that took Fizzies national. As with most retro candy there was a bit [Click for full post…]

The Pop Shoppe: You Thirsty?

  After several years of record breaking sales, Pop Shoppe was on the decline. In 1983 Pop Shoppe closed its doors in the United States, the few shoppes that held on eventually closed. The Pop Shoppe is back and available to the United States as off 2011 with 8 of the 30 original flavors. Timeline: 1969: Two business men from London, Ontario (Canada) decide it would be better business for them to make and produce [Click for full post…]