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Scorpion Sucker!


JUST IN! We had so many people asking about the bug suckers that we made an order to have them again. Well, they’re here! We have three different kinds. Scorpion, ants, and worm. As soon as we have them available for order we will get a link. Until then you are welcome to stop on by and stock up on these creepy suckers. -The Buzz Crew

Whirly Pops


Nothing makes a candy store look more magical than giant Whirly Pops everywhere. There are so many colors swirled together that these lollipops make everything seem more exciting. For a lot of kids who are allowed one item in our store, the Whirly Pops attract them the most. This also includes the Unicorn Pops that are longer and easier to eat. Whirly Pops Unicorn Pops -The Buzz Crew

Astro Pop


The Astro Pop These suckers were created in 1963 when two rocket scientists quit their jobs to create the rocket ship pop modeled after a three stage rocket. The scientists also created the machinery that  produced these pops at high speed. Astro Pops are well know for their unique production. The pop is formed in its wrapper instead of being wrapped after creation. The Astro Pops were extremely popular due to the space race. Kids [Click for full post…]