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If you have ever used alka-seltzer you have a general idea of what this retro drink tablet does. This fizzy drink arrived on the scene in 1956 in Baltimore, Maryland. It was created by the Emerson Drug Company where scientists began trying to make a fizzy fruit drink. Of course they succeeded and that same year Emerson merged with another drug company that took Fizzies national. As with most retro candy there was a bit [Click for full post…]

Shark Week!

Alright so Shark Week is coming to an end this Sunday and now your kid/kids are excited about sharks. Here are some fun ways to include sharks into a meal or a party! You will find all of our gummy candy Here. 1. Gummy Shark Skewers Just by taking some of our assorted gummy sharks and maybe some of our swedish fish or gummy octopus’ you have a fun little skewer they could have for [Click for full post…]

Satellite Wafers


There isn’t much history on the creation of Satellite Wafers. They are made in Belgium and there are supposedly two different companies who make them. Gerrits and Astra Sweets which took over the original company who made Satellite Wafers. If you’ve never had a Satellite Wafer it is an interesting experience. This candy is shaped like a UFO which gives it the nickname often heard, “Flying Saucers”. The outside is made of a paper like [Click for full post…]

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